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“With Allocadia I can empower team members to directly manage their own investments because they have the insights to know where to best spend their next dollar.”

Tamir Sigal, CMO at Neopost

Are you confident in your marketing organization’s financial impact?

Allocadia enables you to meet increased scrutiny into marketing budgets and proactively work with finance to increase business impact, thanks to strategic dashboards and collaborative reporting.

Do you need to create greater operational efficiencies for your organization?

Eliminate hours of your team’s time spent managing budgets and strategic plans. Allocadia automates the collection and aggregation of investment data, so budget adjustments and reporting can be done in minutes, not days.

Learn how Allocadia’s platform can help you achieve all of this and more.

Do you need better ROI insights, so you can optimize spend?

Allocadia provides investment insights across all parts of the marketing organization so you can make quick, performance-based investment decisions and pivot plans on the fly.

Do you need more flexible planning processes so your team can execute with agility?

Allocadia enables scenario planning for teams so they can quickly pivot investments and programs based on market shifts, while still ensuring all activities support overarching company objectives.

Here are a few ways Allocadia is helping more than 16,000 global marketers:

Greater return on marketing investments

Within 1%

Of budget targets


Reduction in acquisition costs

Save 10%

Of redundant marketing investments

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