EPM Solutions + Allocadia

EPM for CFOs, Allocadia for CMOs; together, they provide powerful financial insights

EPM + Allocadia
EPM + Allocadia

Why finance solutions don’t meet marketing’s needs

Simply put, marketing budgets aren’t compatible with the way financial systems are structured. To capitalize on constantly changing market opportunities, marketers need more flexibility to shift spend to the best performing initiatives at any given time.

And EPM solutions aren’t built to deliver the agile marketing insights required to optimize spend and achieve the best marketing mix.

Allocadia is a best-in-class planning and budgeting platform created for the needs of agile marketing organizations. Allocadia’s unique capabilities allows marketers to plan and manage their spend at the campaign and activity level versus simply by GL codes and cost-centres. This allows marketers to work faster and more efficiently.

Marketers require deep planning and performance management to connect to revenue and results, which an EPM cannot deliver to a CMO. At the same time, Allocadia is NOT disconnected from your financial systems of record. It brings in data from your ERP automatically to keep marketers on track with their budgeted spend; alleviating the constant back and forth needed to reconcile the budget. Our platform can also produce GL-based forecasts and import top-down budget targets from your EPM tools to ensure they are more effective.

Our customers love that we seamlessly connect to any EPM system.

Allocadia Customers with EPM

Enterprise Performance Management

Best suited for:

CFO/Finance Leaders

Answer questions, such as:

  • At the end of a quarter, did we end up over, under or on budget?
  • How is each region adding into my overall spend forecast?
  • What is the latest rolling forecast for marketing spend?
  • How would changes to attribution impact my marketing plan?
  • What was the ratio of MQLs to SQLs for the campaign?


Marketing Performance Management

Best suited for:

CMOs/Marketing Operation/Budget Owners

Answer the same EPM questions, plus:

  • Which marketing channel was able to deliver the highest ROI?
  • How many of my marketing campaigns are contributing to the pipeline?
  • Where should I allocate money if I receive an additional $100K this year?
  • How do I determine what is the best marketing mix across my investments?
  • Is my bottom-up investment plan aligning to customer journey goals?

See Allocadia in Action

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Allocadia features you won’t find in your EPM solution

Future-proof your marketing team with real-time visibility into investment performance

Don’t wait for your CFO to ask critical questions about your marketing spend. Gain instant access to what’s been forecasted, already spent, and remaining in budget, to leverage investment performance insights and pivot faster with emerging market opportunities.

Visualize spend across multiple dimensions

View investment data by objective, stage in the buyer journey, segment, season, product line, brand or sub-brand, region, persona, and activity type for more agile planning.

Invest in the best marketing mix

Better understand and communicate your investment mix in a way that’s relevant and necessary for marketers. View by: objective, activity type, persona, product focus, market segment, geography, industry and more.

Empower data-driven decisions with custom-built dashboards

Visualize the results of your marketing efforts so you can constantly optimize performance. Quickly identify under-performing activities and collaborate with teams to course-correct. Plus, finance teams can access their own reports to see how marketing is tracking to plan.

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