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“I give marketing a view into the finance side of life. I help them understand how much they’re spending in different regions, and then assess what value the customer and our company is getting from that spend. I’ve helped them better articulate ROI.”

Carey Rutigliano, Director of FP&A at Cloudera

Do you need a data-driven approach to marketing spend to reduce business risk?

Clearly understand the impact marketing is having on the business with Allocadia. Our platform provides real-time visibility into marketing investments and connects spent to outcomes. Finance teams now have a clear understanding of what’s being spent, where, and the business impact of those investments.

Learn how Allocadia’s platform can help you achieve all of this and more.

Does your finance team need help accurately capturing marketing spend data?

Allocadia enables organizations to have a clean view of what is planned, forecast, spent, and remaining of their marketing budget, all in one place. This gives finance teams the confidence to predict ongoing spend, and understand what investments are flexible.

Do you want to optimize marketing investments to drive more efficient revenue?

With Allocadia, marketing programs are directly tied to revenue-based corporate goals. With the visibility it brings, Finance can help marketing leaders craft a more insights-driven strategy and re-allocate budget to other campaigns if their results are driving more efficient revenue.

Allocadia enables finance leaders to gain full visibility into marketing’s plans, investments, and ROI.

Within 1%

Of budget targets


Real-time visibility into marketing budgets and spend

Greater return on marketing investments

Save 10%

Of redundant marketing investments

“Allocadia is miles ahead of what a lot of companies have been doing, which is managing marketing spend through spreadsheets, and that’s just not a scalable solution.”

Marlene Chan, Marketing Business Operations Director, Splunk

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