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Strategically optimize budget allocation, increase spend visibility, and reduce risk

Leading financial firms choose Allocadia to optimize spend.

We can show progress and results in real-time. When the CMO wants to know how much of the media team’s money is committed, a report can be generated quickly in Allocadia.

Charles Schwab executive in charge of marketing technology

The rapid digitization of Financial Services to create convenience and more touchpoints to match consumer preferences is translating into both risks and opportunities. But at the same time, data is increasing in volume and remains disparate.1 When marketing budgets are trapped in various spreadsheets it’s difficult to quickly shift spend to capitalize on client opportunities. As a result, CMOs struggle to compare the results of campaigns across products and are only able to measure performance at the individual campaign level.

Without full visibility and control of where you’re investing your marketing dollars, you could be wasting more than 20% of your spend.2  For example, American Express plans to spend up to $4.5B in marketing for 2021, and if they are not tracking spend within a spend management platform, could be wasting up to $900K USD.3

There’s a better way

Allocadia provides financial services firms from banking to insurance with real-time visibility into the performance of their marketing investments, and allows marketers to quickly answer where money is being invested, track forecasts vs. plan and report on the impact from initiatives.

A consolidated planning and spend management platform supports greater agility to ensure marketing teams can capitalize on both business and consumer opportunities faster, better rationalize budget trade-offs, and maximize every marketing dollar spent.

Discover how Charles Schwab is able to quickly pinpoint a 10% variance in spend using Allocadia.

Drive digital transformation by automating the tracking of marketing spend

Say good bye to manual tracking and gain 100% transparency across all marketing budgets including what’s been forecast, already spent, and remaining in budget including all media spend. This transparency allows your marketing teams to address emerging client, member, or business opportunities faster.

Pivot programs & shift marketing dollars with ease

Redirect marketing funds to capitalize on unexpected opportunities and optimize marketing investments with our budget reallocations feature, which includes built-in approval thresholds and workflows.

View multiple dimensions of investment data

Measure the impact of marketing activities and adjust plans as necessary.

View investment data by objective, stage in the consumer buyer journey, segment, business unit, product line, persona, and activity type for more agile planning.

Visualize impact before taking action

During the investment planning stage, you can create various “what-if” scenarios to help you anticipate and prepare for how your team would adapt to upcoming changes to marketing plans and client preferences.

Visualize Impact Before Taking Action

Create “what-if” scenarios and visualize the impact on marketing funnel metrics and the client or buyer journey behavior before taking any action.

See how Allocadia efficiently manages marketing investments securely & drives greater agility

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