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Automate spend management and connect budget planning to execution

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Monitor actual spend against plans and strategic KPIs, so you can shift dollars to your best performing activities – and drive higher returns for your business.

Move from reactive to proactive decision making

Don’t wait until quarter end or reports from finance to adjust your marketing investment mix. With automated budget reporting and performance insights, you can optimize in real-time the most effective ways to spend every dollar.

Why our customers love planning and budgeting with Allocadia:

Invest & Execute Features

Proactive Spend Management

Compare activity plans, actual spend, POs and forecast, and adjust the forecast proactively.

Track ongoing marketing spend in real-time and pivot on the fly. Make data-driven decisions and prove that your team is driving higher ROI.

Real-time Purchase Order Updates

Save time with the ability to streamline purchase order creation and import PO data directly into Allocadia for faster financial reconciliations.

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Shift marketing dollars with greater agility

Redirect marketing funds to capitalize on unexpected opportunities and optimize marketing investments with our budget reallocations feature, which includes built-in approval workflows.

Quickly identify over or under spend

For each expense line item, program, and department you can easily see which activities are tracking over or under budget, allowing you to re-allocate budget as needed. There is no more need to wait until the end of the month or a quarter to make an adjustment.

Team collaboration on budgets

Invite other marketing team members to collaborate on plans, and configure user roles to ensure everyone has access to the proper data.

Our customers love the impact Allocadia has delivered to their business

Transform your marketing budget management to power agile investment decisions.