For Budget Owners

“Allocadia gave us streamlined budget efficiency for running the marketing business. We now have one single source of truth for marketing investments and their results. I’m looking forward to going deeper with our ROI and performance metrics, now that we have the right granularity of investment insights.”

Carol Hague, VP Global Demand Generation, Talend

Can you quickly pivot plans and strategies when faced with budget shifts?

Allocadia brings together the planning and investment data that is spread across PowerPoints, spreadsheets, and other tools, giving teams the collaborative visibility they need to act with agility.

Learn how Allocadia’s platform can help you achieve all of this and more.

Do you need help understanding what’s working and what’s not, so you can get the right mix of programs?

It’s impossible to make smart strategy decisions and ascertain what budget to cut or re-allocate without a clear picture of performance. Allocadia connects investment and returns data so you can get clear ROI insights for all marketing activities.

Do you know if your marketing campaigns are aligned to corporate objectives?

With Allocadia, all marketing programs are connected to a strategic plan. This way your team understands the impact of the programs they’re working on, and your boss understands how you’re contributing to overarching company goals.

Here are a few ways Allocadia is helping more than 16,000 global marketers:

Greater return on marketing investments


Real-time visibility into marketing budgets and spend

Within 1%

Of budget targets


Reduction in acquisition costs

“MPM is a gift to every marketer that wants to take marketing seriously.”

Maarten Vernooji, Marketing Manager Benelux

Improve marketing planning and budgeting today!