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“I don’t want to get stuck in the game of marketing needing to do more with less. I want to evolve the game so that marketing gets more because of how much we return on our investments and deliver on business objectives.”

Neenu Sharma, VP Marketing Operations & Analytics, GE Digital

Can you show that marketing is a revenue driver, not a cost center?

Allocadia integrates with financial and execution systems, so investment data and results data are aligned for true ROI reporting. These insights lead to better data-driven decision making, which increases revenue impact.

Are you prepared to meet marketing goals with fewer resources?

With Allocadia, teams have visibility into which investments are the most efficient and can prioritize those over less impactful programs. This informed, proactive decision-making results in greater confidence across all marketers.

Learn how Allocadia’s platform can help you achieve all of this and more.

Do you need to support more agile plans across the marketing organization?

Allocadia enables teams to quickly adjust budgets and plans across the entire marketing organization from a single system that rolls up to desired views and is connected to your marketing stack.

Do you suffer from “spreadsheet hell” with disparate and unstructured investment data?

Allocadia can quickly address data disparity and reporting gaps to ensure on-demand reporting is a reality for all investment data. Teams are able to report back to the business with confidence on marketing’s performance.

Here are a few ways Allocadia is helping more than 16,000 global marketers:

Greater return on marketing investments

Within 1%

Of budget targets


Of marketing spend attributed to specific campaigns


Time saved generating marketing spend reports

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