Defining a New Category: Marketing Performance Management

Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is the Business Process of Run Marketing – How Marketers Run Their Teams

MPM is a key way to keep your marketing team agile during a crisis. Discover best practices for flexible investment process that support business goals.

Allocadia is at the forefront of creating a new category for CMOs and marketers across the world: Marketing Performance Management.

Analysts and customers have recognized Marketing Performance Management (MPM) as a core platform investment that is required today.

“Allocadia provided us with the control, visibility, and clarity we needed over all our marketing investments. That was critical as the company was transforming and marketing was being centralized.”

Allison Smith-Terrey VP Marketing Technology & Operations, Pitney Bowes

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We believe that categories are created by and with customers, the people who use the technology

Ultimately, it is the pains that are solved for actual people and the value they receive that defines category.

While category helps create a common definition our customers refer to MPM in their own unique ways:

System of Record
Juniper Networks
System of Management
Marketing Performance
Investment Planning & Management

What is Marketing Performance Management (MPM)?

Working with hundreds of customers, we have a clear view into what MPM is and the value it brings to marketers. Ultimately, MPM is the technology solution that supports the business process of Run Marketing.

Similar to the 5 stages of Do Marketing (awareness, consideration, acquisition, retention, advocacy), Run Marketing also has 5 stages:

  1. Plan: Align to strategy & create plans
  2. Invest: Allocate investments & resources
  3. Execute: Create connected data & workflows
  4. Measure: View financial & ROI performance
  5. Optimize: Improve with speed & agility

Technologies that support the Run Marketing business process include: Marketing Performance Management (MPM), Content Management Platforms (CMP), and Enterprise Work Management.

And Run Technologies are not new for other teams!






Agile Planning





Global marketing organizations are seeing benefits from MPM

Marketing Performance Management: Analyst Perspective

Allison Snow

“If B2B marketing measurement represents what a driver sees in a car’s rearview mirror, then MPM serves as the headlights and the steering wheel of the car itself that improve both visibility and control for the driver.”

Allison Snow, Senior Research Analyst

A B2B marketing discipline that tools and processes support, which increases marketing’s value to the organization by governing the goal setting, monitoring, and continuous optimization of marketing’s contribution to revenue and other priority business goals.

Forrester’s definition of MPM


Analyst reports that support the MPM category

MPM is Adjacent to Other Categories

And lastly, categories are about what you stand for & who you are

Customers adopt products that solve their pains, and equally they look for business partners that have shared values and have a shared passion for the same mission.

A better marketer experience is ultimately what drives us everyday.

Our Mission: Bring confidence to every marketer in the world.


vs Static


vs Siloed

Return on Intent

vs Credit

Allocadia Run Marketing Platform

And we live by these values. Come join the movement to changing the status quo on how to run marketing like a business!

Improve marketing planning and budgeting today!

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