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Consistently measure marketing’s impact on the business

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Allocadia makes it possible to connect the results of your marketing efforts to spend, measure ROI, and optimize performance. Efficiently compare results and understand which campaigns and activities are driving the best return.

See results quickly and improve internal alignment

Allocadia provides marketers and finance teams with both summary and detailed reporting for in-depth analysis on investment performance.

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Measure & Optimize Features

Confidently measure ROI

Bring accurate investment and results data together to measure marketing’s ROI at the operational, departmental, regional, and product levels or by audience, segment, campaign, business unit, region and product line.

Quickly identify under-performing activities and collaborate with teams to course-correct and adjust investments as needed. And, with key integrations you can get a more complete picture of business impact.

View Spend Across Multiple Dimensions

View investment data by objective, stage in the buyer journey, segment, product line, region, persona, and activity type for more agile planning.

Invest in the Best Marketing Mix

Measure the impact of marketing activities and campaigns, and adjust plans and investments. More systematically allocate funds to ensure the best possible use of budget.

Learn how Allocadia’s platform can help you achieve all of this and more.

Build financial management reports

Receive a marketing view of actual spend, account codes, invoice numbers, PO vendors, and dates and improve alignment with your finance team.

Connect and visualize data from finance systems with corresponding activities in your marketing plan.

Connect to BI Tools for more powerful reporting

Allocadia connects to data lakes or warehouses and BI systems, so you can better understand the full impact of your marketing efforts and aggregate with other data sets.

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Optimize spend and improve ROI