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Develop marketing investment plans and manage budgets on a single platform

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Allocadia empowers marketers to create, refine, and optimize investment plans, to ensure alignment with business goals and drive better performance.

Unify global marketing plans and budgets in a single, collaborative platform

With real-time investment data at your fingertips, your marketing team can optimize spend to drive more revenue

Why our customers love planning and budgeting with Allocadia:

Plan & Align Features

Globally align your marketing investments

With remote teams, it’s even harder to get visibility into marketing spend. And, with greater scrutiny on budgets, it’s high time to ditch the messy spreadsheets and remove planning silos, in favour of a streamlined process that unifies the entire marketing team.

Optimize your marketing budget with actionable insights

No more waiting until the end of the month or quarter to re-allocate your marketing spend. With real-time visibility into how much has been forecasted, what’s already been spent, and what’s remaining across regions, product lines, and market segments, you can easily shift budget to the highest performing initiatives.

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Track the effectiveness of each marketing activity

Fill out classifications and attributes for each marketing initiative and define the target outcomes for each activity in your marketing plan to drive more powerful insights.

Model Expected Spend Impact

Predict revenue outcomes for a variety of investment scenarios, by configuring historical conversion rates and funnel assumptions.

Prepare for the Unexpected with ‘What-if’ Scenarios

During the investment planning stage, you can create various ‘what-if’ scenarios to help you anticipate and prepare for how your team would adapt to upcoming changes to marketing plans.

Submit proposed changes to your marketing plan and effectively manage the approval process from a single platform.

Allocadia connects seamlessly with the tools you love

Allocadia’s robust integrations into finance, project management, CRM, ERP, MAP, content marketing, digital ad platforms, and connections to BI tools help you better understand the full impact of your marketing efforts.

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