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Core features

Centralize marketing investment plans and budgets

Core features
  • Centralized plans and budgets
  • Strategic planner for goals alignment from corporate to teams
  • Consistent taxonomy and metadata tagging of each marketing activity
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Support services and consultation with Allocadia Assist


Core features

Connect marketing plans and budgets to execution

Core features
  • Marketing budget management
  • Monitor actual and committed spend against forecasts
  • Easily track spend for all global marketing plans
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Support services and consultation with Allocadia Assist


Core features

Measure and improve marketing ROI and performance

Core features
  • ROI and ROMI measurability
  • Custom analytics
  • KPI based activity management
  • Set up automated reporting on marketing activities, spend status, expenses, and more
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Support services and consultation with Allocadia Assist

*All packages are billed annually in advance. Additional costs may apply for onboarding, technology integrations and enhanced support based on your business requirements.

10 users minimum for all packages

Side-by-side feature comparison

Not included
Key Capability Differences
Plan Execute Optimize
Connect and track marketing plans with corporate goals
Build multi-layered budget hierarchies
Top-down budget target setting
Create button-up tactical marketing plans
Budget forecasting and tracking with status filters
What-if scenario planning
Reallocations and budget transfer approvals
Multi-currency support
Export and import budgets
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Automated POs and actuals mapping
Status indicators track over and under spend for easy budget reallocation

1Requires Salesforce CRM integration

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Allocadia Customers Allocadia Customers

Thanks to a unique identifier that’s recorded in Allocadia, we’re able to reconcile our ERP reports with Allocadia. It’s helping people analyze spend patterns, now we have real data and facts to support upcoming big decisions.

Chethan Chandra, Senior Manager of Business Operations

All packages come with Allocadia Assist:

  • Services and support to ensure your success
  • A dedicated Customer Success manage to provide best practices and ongoing guidance
  • Onboarding to get your team up and running successfully
  • Built-in, customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Priority technical support and protection of your Allocadia Investment
  • Continuous best-in-class training and industry expertise to level up your teams
  • Regular review of progress towards Marketing Performance Management objectives
  • Integration support and maintenance
  • Ongoing strategic guidance including change management and a tailored Marketing Performance Management playbook

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Realize fast time to value

Expected outcomes from each package type are as follows:


  • Instant visibility into global investments and plans
  • Alignment to company objectives and across marketing teams
  • Consistency in taxonomy, metadata and data structure for future measurements


  • Time-savings by simplifying financial management
  • Significantly improve budget accuracy by tracking actual spend in real-time while shifting money around towards your top performing initiatives
  • Get accurate investment data and set your organization up to confidently measure ROI


  • ROI measurement to understand marketing performance when investment data is synced with your CRM system
  • Continuously optimize spend based on performance insights
  • Generate greater business impact by investing in high-performing activities

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