Proven Strategies for Solving the Marketing ROI Puzzle

Learn how to effectively measure marketing ROI

The vast majority of companies (96%) use ROI as the key metric to prove marketing’s effectiveness—yet many teams struggle to measure and ultimately prove the ROI of their various activities.

In this on-demand session, Janet Driscoll Miller discusses key challenges marketers face when measuring ROI and offers strategies to improve these measurements. Allocadia’s Director of Customer Success, Matt Woodward, joins Janet to share real-life examples of marketing organizations that implemented winning ROI strategies.

In 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What’s stopping marketing leaders from using their ROI data
  • Which departments marketing needs to partner with for better ROI metrics
  • How to identify key data sources and gain access to what you need
  • How to build effective ROI measurements into your campaign planning process
  • What ROI strategies marketers are using to show impact

Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet Driscoll Miller is the president and CEO of the award-winning digital marketing firm, Marketing Mojo, and the author of Data-First Marketing: How to Compete and Win in the Age of Analytics. With over 25 years of marketing experience, she specializes in data and analytics, SEO, and digital advertising. She has helped companies from small businesses to large corporations fix their analytics issues.