Strategic Planning & Alignment

Connect marketing plans to corporate objectives

Link marketing activities with corporate goals, to align strategy with execution

Marketers often struggle to align their plans with business strategy. When plans don’t support strategic goals, marketing leaders fail to connect their team’s activities to the businesses’ outcomes, putting their budget at risk.

Allocadia elevates the conversation around marketing action to a strategic level, allowing all marketers in the organization to plan and track against key goals and performance indicators.

Neenu Sharma, Communications and Marketing Leader and Chief Diversity Officer
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Effectively track progress towards goals

Accomplish all that and more with these capabilities:

6 Steps to Successful Strategic Marketing Planning
The strategic marketing planning process involves creating a marketing strategy that outlines what your objectives are, what programs you’ll use to achieve those objectives, who is responsible for those metrics, and by when you’ll be achieving those goals. In short, developing and managing a strategic marketing plan is crucial in reaching...
How Talend is Measuring Performance During a Pandemic with Allocadia
Talend is a leading data integration and data integrity company, that enables every business to find clarity amidst the data chaos. In a single platform, Talend provides all the necessary capabilities that ensure enterprise data is complete, clean, compliant, and readily available to everyone who needs it throughout the organization....

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