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The Great Big Guide to MPM: Part 1

The Great Big Guide to MPM: Part 1
Part 1: Strategy, Planning and Investment Management

“To achieve greatness two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time” – Leonard Bernstein

For today’s marketers, this quote couldn’t be any more true. But what use is a plan if you have no idea whether it’s strong enough to hit, never mind surpass, your target? The pressure on marketers to prove their value and demonstrate business impact is constantly mounting.

That’s why the best marketers rely on Marketing Performance Management (MPM) to help them manage their investments, plans, and results so they know from the outset where they should be spending their marketing dollars and what their ROI will be.

Download this eBook to learn about the essential MPM components of strategy, planning and investment management.

This eBook is the first release of a 3-part series titled The Great Big Guide to Marketing Performance Management, produced in collaboration with VisionEdge Marketing, Response Capture and Origami Logic.