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Trust Me I’m a CMO and Other Things Your CFO Doesn’t Want to Hear

A re-recorded session as originally presented at the 2017 MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum

Speakers: James Thomas | CMO, Allocadia
Bryan Semple | CMO, SmartBear

Good news, marketers: budgets are rising! According to Gartner, you’ve got up to 12% of company revenue (on average) to spend. What will you buy next quarter? The possibilities are endless. But wait… with great budget, comes great responsibility.

By taking custody of these dollars, marketers are promising more back to the business. They’re asking a CFO and CEO for trust. That means every CMO must be prepared to answer questions such as: “Are we driving leads and real revenue? Can we prove what’s working, and what is not? What would we change with more/less budget? How would that impact revenue?” “Trust me.” is not enough for a CFO to believe marketing is a revenue-driver and not a cost-center.

It’s time to earn the trust of your peers, become stewards of investment, and run marketing like a business. Trust us.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Know what metrics earn—and keep—the trust of a CEO and CFO
  • Manage the “wild west” of investments across large teams and tech stacks
  • Understand how real B2B CMOs translate marketing activity to the language of business ($)