Recognizing Leaders in Marketing Performance Management

The Run Marketing Awards annually celebrate Marketing Performance Management (MPM) champions who have driven real business impact. In 2020, we are especially celebrating those who ran the business of marketing in a year filled with obstacles that they rose above.

Meet the 2020 Run Marketing Award Winners!

We celebrate these winners for driving innovation and success in Marketing Performance Management

Janine Ege

Director, Marketing B2C at Salesforce
Rookie of the Year


Why they won

Savvy Spender
Sarah Dennis

Marketing Production Coordinator at The Gap
Savvy Spender

Why they won

Business Builder
Zoe Marquardt

Marketing Planning & Operations Manager at Autodesk
Business Builder

Why they won

Market Innovator
Bhargav Chandrababu

Head, Marketing Technology Operations at Freshworks
Market Innovator

Why they won

Ashley Cover & Claudia Paganelli

Marketing Technology Leader & Financial Analyst at Ciena
Marketing Partner

Why they won

The Run Marketing Award Categories


Rookie of the Year

Used their first year with Allocadia to drive meaningful improvement


Marketing Partner

Finance or IT using Allocadia to empower marketing


Savvy Spender

Used Allocadia to improve investment management and budget processes


Market Innovator

Partnered with Allocadia to create something completely new


Business Builder

Used Allocadia to improve ROI or increase business impact

Run Marketing Awards Hall of Fame

Celebrating marketing success over the years.

2019 Winners

2019 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Yvonne Stacherski
Yvonne Stacherski

VP Marketing Operations at Comerica Bank
Innovative Integrator

Why they won

2019 #RunMarketing Awards Winner LinLin Li
Linlin Li

VP Operations at MobileIron
Operational All-Star

Why they won

2019 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Carrie Storley
Carrie Storley

Global Planning Specialist at Rockwell Automation
Finance’s Best Friend

Why they won

2019 #RunMarketing Awards Winner David Schermbeck
David Schermbeck

Senior Business Analyst at Red Hat
The Marketer’s Champion

Why they won

2019 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Lars Ahntholz
Lars Ahntholz

Marketing Investment Operations Manager
at Poly
Agent of Collaboration

Why they won

2018 Winners

2018 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Jason Johns
Jason Johns
Senior Marketing Ops Manager

Why they won

2018 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Ken Evans
Ken Evans
Sr. Director, Global Marketing Operations

Why they won

2018 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Taleb Alkhaja
Taleb AlKhaja
Marketing Operations Leader, Eastern Growth Markets

Why they won

2018 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Signify
Excellence Team

Why they won

2018 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Box
Ops Team

Why they won

2017 Winners

2017 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Ryan Danner
Ryan Danner
Director, Global Marketing – Planning & Financials

Why they won

2017 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Harris Thamby
Harris Thamby
Senior Program Manager,
Sales & Marketing IT – Global Ops

Why they won

2017 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Neenu Sharma
Neenu Sharma
VP, Marketing Strategy + Operations

Why they won

2017 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Bryan Semple
Bryan Semple

Why they won

2017 #RunMarketing Awards Winner Shannon Russell
Shannon Russell
Marketing Director, North America

Why they won

Congratulations to all our past winners!

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