The CMO’s Transformative Opportunity.

The Marketer Experience.

Today’s CMO is a leader in defining and creating a new and improved customer experience, and they are accountable for delivering on this promise.

Customer experience

A top 3 priority for CMOs in 2019 and 2020

CX Leadership

91% of CMOs have a CX leadership role of some kind.

Investment in CX

18% of marketing budgets are allocated to customer experience initiatives.

The marketing organization has two jobs – Run Marketing and Do Marketing. Similarly, the CMO has two mandates – create a positive marketer experience and a positive customer experience.

Marketing teams that invest in Running marketing well create a better experience for their workers because they are enabled to properly plan, invest in and optimize the programs they put in place to Do marketing. This creates a better customer experience and ultimately creates more growth for the company.

The entire workforce is experiencing the digital transformation of work, which is about creating better worker experiences. Giving marketers the ability to focus on strategic, impactful work will give them the power to create better customer experiences.

“Everyone is talking about the future of work … Its essence is shifting workers’ day-to-day time, effort and attention from executing routine, tightly defined tasks to identifying and addressing unseen problems and opportunities.”

Despite understanding the power of this connection, CMOs are struggling to empower the marketers in their organizations who are responsible for delivering the customer experience.

Not valued

79% of employees do not feel strongly valued at work.


70% of employees are not engaged.

Lack of fulfillment

50% of marketers do not feel fulfilled in their work.

What Makes a Bad Marketer Experience?

Wasted Time and Distracted Work

Spending too much on operational tasks in spreadsheets and disparate systems while also being pulled in many different directions by different groups.

Flying Blind Due to Lack of Insights

A lack of clarity into goals and a lack of visibility into metrics that help course correct.

Lack of Purpose and Alignment

A lack of defined goals and no way to align work to corporate goals, with other departments, and internal marketing teams.

Measuring Themselves Incorrectly

Focusing too much on “proving” marketing’s worth and not enough on what is the next best action.

To create a better experience for their employees, marketing leaders must provide their teams with a way to quantify the power and value of what they’re doing.

The untapped opportunity is for companies to aggressively deploy automation technologies with the specific intent to free up workers to pursue this new form of work in all parts of the organization and create more and more value for the enterprise.


This is exactly what MPM platforms empower marketing teams to achieve.

“I rely on Allocadia to show the executive team where the global marketing team is investing and what results we are achieving from our marketing spend. Every dollar matters, and by empowering my team members to directly manage their own budgets so they have the insights to know where to best spend their next dollar, I’m giving them the confidence to know how they’re driving impact for the business.”

Tamir Sigal, CMO

How do you get started creating a better Marketer Experience?

To create a better experience for their teams, CMOs and marketing organizations must embrace the principles of Marketing Performance Management. By enabling their teams to Run Marketing, they will drive greater impact on the Do side of marketing, creating a better experience for both marketers and customers.